Do you offer a pick up and drop off service?

Yes - If the car needs to be repaired or serviced where it is not possible to do so at your location (home, workplace, roadside etc), we have a workshop available to bring the vehicle to whilst work is undertaken. This workshop is not open to the public and is fully private and secure.

Will you have my tyre in stock?

In the event we do not have your tyre in stock, we have a large network of suppliers who can deliver to us daily.

Are you Covid Secure?

Yes - We have carried out a Covid-19 Risk Assessment and put measures in place to protect ourselves and our customers.

Will you be able to fix my car?

In most cases, yes. But unfortunately, not in every single case. Vehicles are very complex machines that even the best mechanics in the world cannot fix.
If we cannot fix the problem for you, we have a list of specialists that will be able to point you in the right direction.